About us

Meshari Bin Mohammad Al-Tamimi Lawfirm for Lawyers & Legal Advisors was established as one of the specialized consulting law firms in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to meet the needs and expectations of clients. It includes a selection of the best lawyers, advisors and administrators.

Our Mission

exploiting all capabilities and available resources to provide legal solutions according to higher professional standards to reach pioneering.

Our Partners

Our strategic partnerships includes a number of legal entities and specialized legal advisors.

Our vision

Providing accurate legal services with a high efficiency through studding, analyzing and introducing different solutions for our clients.

What Distinguishes Us

Believing that we are partners in responsibility with the client, necessitate providing comprehensive legal services based on accuracy, efficiency and credibility.

Our Works

Legal Advice

Studding and analyzing events objectively according to a systematic methodology in order to compose a comprehensive legal opinion harmonized with regulations and decrees which are subject to.

Legal entities and companies:

Undertaking the procedures of establishing companies, liquidating them, converting legal entities to others, merger and acquisition operations and other of procedural works related to.

Litigation, Arbitration, Disputes Settlement and Legal Representation

Assessing  the legal and judicial status of disputes and claims in order to manage them through preparing legal documents required to and undertaking them, or solving them cordially by which it serves our clients’ interests.

Contracts and Understanding memoranda.

Drafting, reviewing and auditing various commercial and civil contracts in order to secure the maximum protective protection for our clients.

Commercial Marks and Agencies

Undertaking the procedures of registering commercial marks, issuing its certification and transferring its possession. In addition to drafting & auditing commercial agencies contracts and register them in the Ministry of commerce and investment.

Personal Affairs

Legal and judicial representing in divorce, alimony and nursery claims and everything related to.

Professional Fees

Our Law Firm provides many options for contracting with its client, these options are harmonized with the client’s wish, that is through annual contracts offer, specified services, undertaking separate claims, performin procedural works or undertaking works by hours system by agreements showed, discussed and signed by the client before starting the works.

Executive Judiciary

Undertaking executive claims and disputes related to until gaining the rights of the clients.

Labor Disputes

Undertaking labor claims, providing advice & legal written and oral consultancy on them.

Structuring and Administrative & Legal Support

Structuring legal administrations and support them with specialized staff, setting internal policies and regulations for them, and observing their legal works as well.

Legal Check and Audit

Checking and auditing documents and legal information in order to determine the legal positions or correcting them.

Legal Support

Providing support in the works that need legal experience as presenting meetings and negotiations.

Liquidating and Managing Legacies

Managing and devising heritages between heirs and devisees according to inheritance provisions either judicially or accidentally and drafting legacy as well.

Social Services

Starting from our professional duty that based on our experience, we work to spread awareness and legal culture which serve our society.

Contact Information

Address: Maps
Sahafa District – Thumama Road (Takhassusi) – Orcaid Center – Office 34
Riadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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